“Change happens through movement and movement heals”

Joseph Pilates   (1883-1967)



Hi, my name is Tracey and I am a fully qualified Sports Injury Therapist and Pilates Instructor. Over the years I have helped athletes, golfers, tennis players and the general public by healing ailments not always necessarily stemming from a specific injury or cause. I became interested in Pilates to help better understand my work as a Sports Injury Therapist, and I believe it is a fantastic form of fitness and wellbeing that helps combat muscular imbalance, core weakness, poor posture and injury. Please check out my services and get in touch with the information below.  



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60 mins - £60

I offer dedicated 1:2:1 sessions where your fitness and well-being ambitions

are met, and as you progress so will the programme. A complimentary

assessment is provided when you book a block of 6 classes. 


60 mins - £80

I recommend that all clients have an initial assessment. This will involve assessing your posture, range of movement, muscle control and medical history. This enables me to create a programme suited to you. 


60 mins - £40 each

Fancy improving your fitness and wellbeing with a friend? I offer duet sessions where you can learn together. A complimentary assessment is provided when you book a block of 6 classes.

Tracey has a supportive, calm and positive demeanour which helped me feel at ease during our sessions. The assessment was  very informative and the following sessions were really beneficial.

Vanessa Walker

I struggled with lower back pain for years, but with Tracey's tailor made Pilates programme this enabled me to participate in all sports without aggravating old injuries. I would thoroughly recommend Tracey.

Caroline Bailey

Tracey really took the time to understand my body and posture. From this she came up with a bespoke plan to strengthen my core and build muscle tone. I feel two inches taller now!

Ines Mendes


52 Grosvenor Road, London, N10 2DS

+44 (0)7796694130


Other Services: injureaze.co.uk

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